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The core game mode in Valorant is ranked. It’s a competitive game after all. Where’s ranked there are ranks and ratings to distribute players according to their skill. But the ranking system algorithms are complicated and so is Valorant's. So today let’s see what is Valorant’s ranking system made out of and how it works. What is Valorant MMR MMR or Match Making Rating is a hidden rating assigned to a player, which increases or decreased based on match history. The base MMR for a player is assigned when they win their initial 10 unrated matches to unlock the Competitive queue. The player’s performance determines their MMR. According to Valorant “consider MMR to be a giant ladder, consisting of all players. If you win, you climb up and push others down. Alternatively, if you lose, you get pushed down by others. No two players can tie, or take up the same spot on the ladder”. VALORANT RANKS IN ORDER In each "Act" (the name VALORANT has given its seasons) you will be able to compete for different tiers of competition. Acts last roughly two months. Here are the VALORANT ranks in order: Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Immortal Radiant Here is where it gets complicated. In each Act, only your nine top wins will determine your Act Rank Badge and the border associated with it. That means two things: If you win nine games at an Immortal rank and immediately after drop all the way down into Gold, you will still be considered Immortal for the sake of rewards for this Act. That means that playing with friends on your main account becomes a lot less punishing once you’ve hit your goal. Keep in mind that you might still want to maintain your MMR for future seasons, which, as Riot has stated, will transfer. You can push your old games from lower rank out by performing better than your top nine games you’ve accrued this Act. Also keep in mind that placement games do not count towards your Act Rank. Only once you’ve finished your placements will your wins in that respective ... Read more

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