Sensational mistake of fundamental physics
 УДК 537  Sensational mistake of fundamental physics Preview This note proves that currents in metal conductors do not propagate inside the conductors, but around them.   Modern physics made a mistake back in the days of Maxwell (2, 3, 4), when it decided that fields can exist without charges. In fact, electric fields are formed by electric charges, magnetic fields are formed by magnetic charges, gravitational fields are formed by graviton charges. Graviton is a mini vortex of ether. The energy of the graviton vortex generates a unidirectional motion of the ether between the poles, as a result of which the ether is absorbed by one pole and ejected by the opposite pole. This is how forces that we call magnetic forces are formed. Graviton is the only brick of matter. The bodies of atoms and molecules, the bodies of electrons and positrons, protons and neutrons, the bodies of planets and stars are composed of them. Gravitons fill the entire world space, as gravitational fields. Gravitons, with their magnetic induction, attract bodies to each other, forming a global ether-graviton field.   Electrical conductors surrounded by gravitational fields polarize when the power source is connected, and the gravitons surrounding the conductor turn into electrons or positrons. Moreover, the difference in electric potentials polarizes electrons and positrons so that the charges generate a magnetic induction vector, not only perpendicular to the current vector, but also parallel to the line that draws the cross section of the conductor.   In 1820, Hans Oersted experimentally discovered that an electric current flowing through a conductor generates magnetism. Moreover, the magnetic arrows located along the conductor at a considerable distance from the conductor react to magnetic charges, turning them perpendicular to the conductor. From which we can make the assumption that magnetic charges are around the conductor, and not inside it. The magnetism of a current conductor has a circul ... Read more

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Sensational mistake of fundamental physics

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