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Abstracts of the articles   Relativistic length shrinkage and gravitational waves. Propagation at supraluminal velocity. It is shown here, that relativistic shrinkage of body length is synchronous to the change of the velocity and that this shrinkage is continuously self-sustaining without the influence of any forces. Such inertial isobaric self-contraction of matter is accompanied by propagation of the strength of inertia forces field together with the front of body intrinsic time. A mechanism of kinetic energy filling (accumulation) of a body is considered and propagation of the phase waves of perturbation of gravitational field at supraluminal velocity is substantiated here. The gauge interpretation of special relativity It is shown here that Lorentz transformations are caused by gauge effect of motion on matter (principle nonobservability of effect of motion on matter). This gauge effect of motion is caused by interdependence and mutual determination of propagation velocity of interaction between matter elementary particles and of rate of course of matter proper time. The Lorentz transformations are derived without any linearity assumptions and being based only on the presence of relativistic shrinkage of the length of moving body and on clock desynchronization at its slowest transfer along this body. Physical essence of twins paradox It is shown that imaginary twin paradox takes place in special relativity (SR) only because of the impossibility of mutual distinguishing of standard time (path-like proper time of moving object) and coordinate-like proper time of the inertial frame of reference (IFR) and because of neglect of the necessity of re-calculation of time coordinates of events after the transfer of twin-traveler from one IFR to another that moves in reverse direction. About possibilities of physical unrealizability of cosmological and gravitational singularities in General relativity The possibility to avoid physical realizability of cosmological singula ... Читать далее

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