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On August 22, 2007, SHIRAB BODIEVICH CHIMITDORZHIEV, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, a well-known Russian orientalist who made a significant contribution to the study of the history and culture of Mongolia and the Mongolian peoples, turned 80. He is an academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, Honorary President-Academician of the International Academy of Nomadic Civilizations, Honorary Doctor of the Institute of History of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Buryatia.

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev was born in the village of Kizhinga in the Kizhinga aimag of Buryat Mongolia. He graduated from the Kizhinga Secondary School, then took a one-year course in mathematics teacher training under the Ministry of Education of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR. In 1947, he entered Leningrad State University at the Mongol-Tibetan Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies. He graduated from the university with a degree in Oriental history. In 1952-1955, he worked in the office of the Buryat-Mongolian Regional Party Committee as a translator of Marxist and political literature, and as an instructor in the propaganda and agitation Department.

In 1955, he entered postgraduate studies at the Department of History of the Far East Countries of Leningrad University, where he graduated with a thesis for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences. He worked in 1959-1964 at the Tomsk State University, in 1964-1973 at the Buryat Pedagogical Institute, at the Departments of General History and History of Eastern countries. In these universities, he taught the history of the countries of the foreign East, conducted special courses and special seminars on the problems of the East.

Since 1973, Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev worked in the Buryat branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences: he headed the sector of Mongolian studies and the Department of Oriental Studies of the Buryat Institute of Social Sciences. Currently, he is a chief researcher at the Institute of Mongolian Studies, Buddhology and Tibetology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a professor at the Department of General History of Buryat State University, a member of Dissertation Councils at Tomsk and Irkutsk Universities, and a member of the Council at the Institute of Mongolian Studies, Buddhology and Tibetology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He takes part in the training and certification of highly qualified Orientalists and historians, acting as a supervisor for graduate students and applicants.

In 1980, Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev defended his doctoral dissertation on "Relations between Mongolia and Russia and the countries of Central Asia (XVII-XVIII centuries)" at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is one of the leading experts in the field of research on the problems of medieval and modern history of Mongolia, the history of international relations in Central Asia and the Far East, Mongolian source studies and the cultural heritage of the Mongolian peoples. He is the author of more than 300 research papers, including more than ten monographs. Author and editor of monographic works, collective works, and scientific collections.

The main place in his scientific work is occupied by the problems of relations between Mongols and neighboring peoples and countries, first of all, the relations of Mongols with the peoples of Siberia, Central Asia and the Russian state. In his works: "Mongolia and Russia "(Moscow, 1987), " Relations between Mongolia and Russia (XVII-XVIII centuries) "(Moscow, 1978), " Relations between Mongolia and Central Asia "(Moscow, 1979), "Russian Chronicles as a source on the history of medieval Mongols" / / Medieval Culture Mongolian peoples (Novosibirsk, 1992)-contains historical materials and generalizing conclusions describing the relations of Mongolia with these peoples and countries in the Middle Ages and modern times, starting from the era of Genghis Khan. Mongolian-Soviet, Mongolian-Russian relations in the XX century. They are covered by the author in the book " Cooperation of the USSR and the MNR in the field of science and culture "(Novosibirsk, 1983).

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The first work of Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev devoted to the history of the national liberation movement of the Mongolian people was the book " The Anti-Manchurian struggle of the Mongolian people (XVII-XVIII centuries) "(Ulan-Ude, 1974). In 2002, the author published the monograph "The National Liberation Movement of the Mongolian people in the XVII-XVIII centuries". In these works, chronicles, archival and folklore materials, sources in the Old Mongolian script are widely used. The scientist reveals the problems of the Mongolian liberation movement against the background of the international situation in Central Asia and East Asia. He examines in detail the alignment of political forces in Mongolian society, attempts to create a unified political union in the face of Qing aggression, and describes the stages of the liberation struggle. He notes that at every stage the liberation movement was led by such bright leaders as Ligden Khan, Tsogt Taiji, Galdan-Boshoktu, Amarsana, Chingunzhav.

His works have been published in Russian, Buryat, Mongolian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Czech and other languages.

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is inextricably linked with his time, lives by the pain and problems of the people. He does a lot to restore the historical truth and revive the Buryat traditional culture, language and customs of his people, raise self-awareness and solve national problems fairly. Here he is helped by his profession - science. From history, he draws facts to develop the problems of the modern era. A number of his works became widely known in the republic and abroad. These are "Buryat-Mongols: history and modernity", " Who are we-Buryat-Mongols?", "Did the Buryats have a civilization?" and books published in the Buryat language: "Mongol Oron", "Sagaalgan", "Surgaalai ugenuud".

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev made a significant contribution to the elimination of" white spots " in the history and culture of the Buryat-Mongolian people. On his initiative and with his direct participation (as an author, compiler, translator and commentator), collections of Buryat chronicles in the Buryat and Russian languages were published for the first time in the republic. Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is the compiler and one of the authors of the serial publication " Outstanding Buryat Figures "(1st-7th issue). In addition, he has published separate works included in this series: "Outstanding figures-natives of Khori-Buryats", "Tsyben Zhamtsarano", "Outstanding scientist and writer Bimbin Rinchen"," Tsokto Badmazhapov - discoverer of the" dead"city of Khara-Khoto", "T. N. Rumyantsev - orientalist". The trip of the Buryat delegation with a petition to Sagaan Khan-Peter I is dedicated to his books " The Journey of the Khori-Buryats to Sagaan Khan (the White Tsar)", "The Trip of the Khori-Buryat delegation to Peter I in 1702-1703" (2001).

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is a participant of international congresses of Mongolian studies in Ulaanbaatar, conferences and symposia in Moscow, Baku, Tbilisi, Dushanbe, Kobdo, Ulangom, Sapporo, Varna, Osaka... For many years, the scientist has been working with Mongolian scientists and academic institutions and universities in Mongolia to study the problems of the history of Mongolia and the Mongolian peoples, taking part in the preparation of joint works, holding symposia and training scientific personnel.

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev was a member of the Board of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity of Asian and African Countries and the Presidium of the Association of Orientalists of the USSR. Today, he is a member of the Board of the Society of Mongolian Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

As an expert consultant, he participates in the activities of legislative and executive authorities of Buryatia. A number of his references, suggestions and recommendations (on the revival of the Buryat language and national traditions and customs, on the illegal dismemberment of the BM ASSR in 1937) were adopted by government and parliamentary decisions. Information about the revival of the national holiday "Sagaalgan" served as the basis for the adoption of the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Buryat ASSR "On giving Sagaalgan the status of a national holiday".

Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is a member of the Council of the Congress of the Buryat People and the Council of the All-Buryat Association for the Development of Culture, a member of the boards of the Agvan Dorzhiev and Elback-Dorjo Rinchino public foundations. His participation in the activities of Buryat public organizations has played and still plays an important role in the adoption and implementation of conceptual programs-recommendations that contribute to the consolidation of the nation and the revival of the ethnic group.

For a great contribution to the study of the history and culture of Mongolia and the Mongolian peoples and neighboring countries and peoples, to the revival and development of the culture and language of the Buryat people, for active public activities and full support of international scientific relations

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Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship, the Mongolian order "Genghis Khans Aldrin Odon" ("Glory of Genghis Khan"), the jubilee medal "Their Mongol Ulas baiguulagdsany 800 zhilin oi" ("800th anniversary of the Mongolian statehood"), as well as Honorary Certificates of the Supreme Soviet and Government of Buryatia, Honorary Certificates of the USSR Academy of Sciences, SB RAS and BNC. At the international scientific conference (1999), he was awarded the Large Silver Medal "Zaya Bandida Namkhayzhamts" for his contribution to the study of the history of Mongolia and Central Asian countries, and the gold medal "For his contribution to the Heritage of the peoples of Russia". Sh. B. Chimitdorzhiev is a laureate of the P. R. Atutov Prize of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia (for a series of works on history Buryatia, Russia and Mongolia), winner of the contest " Best People of Buryatia "("Buryaadai turuu hunuud"). His name is included in the encyclopedia " The Best People of Russia "(Moscow, 2003).



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